Spray Applied Roofs in Las Vegas, Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics I should know about my roof?
What types of warranties should I look for and how long do they usually last?
Can I have a new roof installed over my old one?
What kind of materials are available for my roof?
What is the difference between "built up", "torch down", and "spray foam"?
How often should a roof need to be replaced?

About MY Roof...

I have a flat roof that should not need to be replaced, but needs 'touch ups' or restoration. Is this possible without replacing the roof?
What do you do with the debris from my old roof?
I have air conditioners on my roof! How are these and other items on the roof handled?
I am ready to sign or have already signed my contract! When will work begin on my roof?
My roof is shared with my neighbor's. How will this affect the project?
I have a wood shake roof. What is the best option for my type of roof?
I have a metal roof. Is it possible to make it more energy efficient?
What should I expect when you come to work on my roof?
Is there a way to get regular check-ups for my roof?
Emergencies: There is a hole in my roof and I need it fixed ASAP! How can you help me?

About MAC Roofing Services...

How long has your company been in business?
Many companies claim to be the best, but how do I know you are the best choice?
Why MAC? Where did the name for your company come from?

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