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We offer a variety of services for your home or business. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home or business premises. Avoid potential problems such as rotten timbers or other structural damage by not forgetting the importance of your roof. Many homeowners make the mistake of costly internal refurbishment while neglecting the basic fabric of the building. Using top quality materials, we aim to bring you the best services possible. Please browse the listed sub-sections for more detailed information regarding some of our available services.
Polyurethane Foam
Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) was first used as an alternate roofing material over 30 years ago. Because of its excellent insulating characteristics, it has steadily gained in popularity. Polyurethane foam roofing is applied as a liquid. Two components (isocyanate and polyol) are combined in the mixing chamber of a special gun and are sprayed onto the substrate, where it immediately expands to 20-30 times its initial volume. As the foam rises, it sets into a solid and a skin forms on the surface. The closed-cell foam provides insulation, while the skin forms a water-resistant surface. The thickness of the application can be varied according to the need to create a slope to drain, to meet a given insulating R-value, or both. To protect the foam from ultraviolet radiation and to add to the waterproofing qualities of the system, a finish coating is applied to the surface.
Coating and Restoration
Preserve your roof’s integrity with TRUCO’s time proven resurfacing systems. These fluid-applied systems are installed by a nationwide network of qualified applicators, such as MAC Roofing Services, with single source warranty coverage available from TRUCO. New roofs are expensive, but most can be preserved economically with TRUCO’s durable, thermoplastic rubber coating. TRUCO can be applied over metal, E.P.D.M., B.U.R. Modified, Hypalon, T.P.O., Thermoplastics, Concrete Decks, Foamed (SPF) Roofs, Masonry Walls, and Stucco Walls.
Complete with Energy Star approval, TRUCO systems can reduce your energy consumption as much as 35%. TRUCO also offers a 5 or 10 year Material Warranty, or a 5 or 10 year Material and Labor Warranty with or without a FM approved system.
MAC Roofing Services is the only certified provider in the Las Vegas area. We welcome you to contact us to learn more!
Asphalt Shingles
Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used and among the least expensive of materials available for steep slope applications. They are very durable and are available in a wide variety of colors and textures.
Asphalt shingles consist of either an organic (wood fiber or cellulose) or fiberglass mat which has been saturated with asphalt and covered with colored mineral granules. In climates where fungus growth is a potential problem, granules treated with algicide are available. "Self-sealing" shingles have an additional strip of adhesive on the underside. The adhesive is activated by the sun's heat after installation and "seals" each shingle to the one below it, providing extra wind uplift resistance for the roof system.
Shingles were once available in only one thickness, but today many manufacturers offer shingles where several layers have been laminated together to produce three-dimensional profiles and appealing shadow lines. These are known as "dimensional" or "architectural" shingles.
Available for: New (Re) Roofs and Repairs
Tile Shingles
Clay and concrete tile offer comparable benefits to slate, but with greater variety and at less cost. Tile is very durable and fire resistant. It is available in numerous profiles, styles, finishes and colors. Tile is also less expensive that slate (although it is also generally more expensive than asphalt shingles and fiber-cement products). Like slate, however, tile is relatively heavy, and its use may require roof reinforcement.
Available for: Repairs and Reroofing
Maintenance Programs
Providing a Roof Maintenance Program (RMP) to our customers is not only essential to our business, but it brings value to our customer relationship. The most common reason for premature roof failure is lack of maintenance. A conscientious and consistent program of scheduled preventative maintenance to each roof component will maximize useful life of the entire roof system. This program includes regular inspections of the roofing system. Standard roof industry recommendations as established by the NRCA are to make thorough inspections of the entire roof at least in the spring and fall, and after serious weather trauma. Capital expenditures on new or re-roofing receive maximum value anytime a roof membrane can experience its full useful life expectancy. Owners that understand this appreciate the value of a structured roof maintenance program.
No single maintenance program can satisfy all customers’ needs. Our programs are designed to provide a range of service options. The RMP-Basic Plan offers an inspection with a roof condition report. This plan is restricted to a one-year renewable term offering minimum service to keep an owner or facility manager apprised of their roof condition. During the inspection small debris and trash will be removed. For customers requiring added maintenance protection an RMP-Preferred Plan is available. Services at this level offer semi-annual inspections with roof condition reports that include a five-year budget. Small debris and trash are removed, splits and blisters are repaired, and a free service is included for roof leaks. The highest level of service is the RMP-Premiere Plan. Customers contracted at the premier level receive all the services previously mentioned with the option to add two additional inspections per year. Additionally, they receive a comprehensive condition report with roof drawings, photographs, and a roof asset management account (RAMCO). Flexibility exists within each of these programs to meet specific customer needs. What is not flexible, however, is providing an RMP on a roof system that is in poor condition. This can only lead to an unsatisfied customer having expectations beyond the ability of the program to satisfy.
Owners and facility managers often neglect annual maintenance due to the roof system being under a manufacturer’s guarantee (warranty). Some guarantees may only cover material. All major manufacturers’ guarantees that cover labor and material require owners to perform inspections and maintenance to maintain their coverage. This is no different than an automobile manufacturer’s warranty requiring scheduled maintenance so as to not void the warranty. As the Building Owner, you also have a responsibility, which is to provide necessary maintenance of your roofing system and related building components. Failure to provide necessary maintenance may result in deterioration of your guaranteed roofing system that could otherwise have been avoided. Repair of such deterioration will not be covered by your guarantee. In certain instances, such deterioration may be so extensive that the roofing system can no longer be repaired and maintained, resulting in the cancellation of your guarantee in whole or in part. Owners usually are unaware of their responsibility required to keep the warranty or guarantee in force. We must educate our customers of their responsibility if their roof system has a manufacturer’s guarantee. Then, offer the RMP that meets the manufacturer’s requirements. Become knowledgeable of manufacturer’s guarantees with respect to the owner’s responsibility.
Repairs and Service Department
We understand how difficult it can be to manage a household or run a successful business when problems seem to pop up out of the blue, especially with surprise showers arriving to remind us of important things like the roof, after the fact!
Help us to help you! When you discover a new leak, please make note of the location, time of occurrence, and overall severity. Informing us of whatever details you can will help us to better tackle the challenge at hand.
Sometimes leaks spring up in odd locations, such as in a closet or from a vent. These can be from a leak in a different location on the roof traveling to the location where it finally shows up.
Also be sure to inform us of any work or activity on your roof! We have heard on various occasions where other companies' repairmen (even non-roofing, like an air conditioning company) will make protrusions or cut into the roof.
If you are under warranty with us, it is always best to let us know ahead of time if you plan to have activity on your roof, so that we can be of assistance to keep your warranty intact.
Please note that we do have a service charge for repairs, due up front upon the arrival of our technician. We thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to fulfill your roofing needs.
MAC Roofing Services offers unique warranties for your roof. These warranties are based on the type of roofing system you decide to have installed. All new roofs come with a 5 Year “No Leak” Warranty, which also includes Material and Labor. Our foam systems come with a 5 (or more) Year Renewable “No Leak” Warranty including Material and Labor. Depending on what type of new roof you have installed, there are also various Manufacturers’ Warranties available to add the protection you may desire, usually to coincide with an applicable MAC Roofing Services warranty.
Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and Coating
Similarly to any other new roofing system we offer, you receive a 5 Year “No Leak” Warranty. However, when working with Polyurethane Foam, there is the phenomenal option of renewability. You can extend the life of your roof by adding additional coating which also will adjust the renewable system to ten year intervals as opposed to five. This renewable system effectively develops your MAC Roofing Services warranty into a lifetime of coverage.
MAC Roofing Services Lifetime Renewable Warranty (SPF)
Our renewable 5 Year “No Leak” Warranty extends the life of your roof by covering Material and Labor, which includes any material or workmanship defects in our installation. Any time you have your air conditioner replaced, solar panels installed, or any other activity on your roof, call MAC Roofing Services so that your warranty is not affected. We can also work with other sub-contractors to keep your warranty protected should the need arise. Both the 5 Year “No Leak” Warranty and our 10 Year “No Leak” Warranty systems are renewable by our power-washing and re-coating your roof. For example, if the cost of renewing your original warranty is approximately 70 cents per square foot, and an average roof size is 1800 square feet, then the final cost would be around $1,260 - a fraction of the cost of installing an entire new roof.
To better serve our community, MAC Roofing Services is proud to offer 24-hour emergency roof repair services. We want you and your property to be safe from storms that threaten to strike with little warning here in So. Nevada. In the case of a ceiling cave-in or similar situation, MAC Roofing Services can dispatch skilled workmen to do whatever possible to protect your home or business.
With MAC Roofing Services, you have absolute confidence and peace of mind. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. MAC Roofing Services has also been serving our Southern Nevada Community for over a decade.
Please note that roofing emergencies do NOT include:
  • Minor Leaks
  • External Leaks Not Threatening the Security of the Building
  • Leaks Caused by a Source Other Than Your Roof (E.G. Leaky Plumbing)
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