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General Information...
  1. What are the basics I should know about my roof?
When it comes to roofing there is plenty of information, to the point that one can get overwhelmed. However, when you need work done on your home or business, there is certain information that is helpful to provide to a potential contractor. We usually request the following:
  • Contact Information of Owner (or person in charge of the project)
  • Age of roof
  • Type of roof
  • Symptoms or locations of problem areas or leaks
  • Contact person who may be there for the inspection, project, and follow-up
  • Any relevant information you can offer about the project (including insurance, unavailable times, air conditioners, etc.)
  1. What types of warranties should I look for and how long do they usually last?
Every company is, as expected, different in what they will offer for coverage. Our rule of thumb is that the company should be in business at least as long as the warranty they desire to offer. We offer a wide range of protection, from 1 year up to 10 year no leak warranties. Each type of warranty can vary depending on the material used for your roof and what extra coverage you desire for the project, and there are also extended manufacturer's warranties available. Please view our Warranties page for more detailed information.
  1. Can I have a new roof installed over my old one?
In many cases, yes. The type, age, and available support of the roof of the building all come into play, however. Very often we have installed new polyurethane foam roofs overtop of older B.U.R. everything is then fully sealed in with a protective coating polymer. However, we usually recommend the old roof be torn off to better protect your roof. There are often weaknesses you would not see, such as rotting wood, unless the old roof were removed.
  1. What kind of materials are available for my roof?
While there are many types of roofing materials from various manufacturers, each company is a little different. We offer a selection of various brands, colors, and styles for your roof to fit your personal preferences or needs. While MAC Roofing Services specializes in polyurethane foam, we realize this is not always the most appropriate for your roofing needs. Our Project Managers will discuss with you to find what would be best for your project.
  1. What is the difference between "built up", "torch down", and "spray foam"?
Built-up Roofing, commonly referred to as B.U.R., is the application of various levels of roofing material to "build up" a specified thickness of layers to protect your property. Different types of asphalt and tar make up the middle and finally it is coated with a finishing surfacing, such as gravel.
Torch down is a type of roofing that involves rolling out a type of tar roofing material over the roof and then is melted, using a torch, to seal against the roof. This and B.U.R. have been popular "cost effective" options for larger projects, such as apartment complexes. However, especially with torch down, they are not usually the safest options in the dry desert climate and offer minimal energy efficiency.
Spray foam is referring to Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam. This revolutionary roofing material is not only safer and easier for both the roofer and the project, but it is part of a large movement towards "Building Green" around the world. The foam itself instantly beings to expand once applied, and within seconds has fully formed and even hardened enough to be stood on. This is the main waterproofing portion of the roof. The foam is then covered with a protective coating that not only keeps the foam protected from the UV rays, but also reflects a majority of excessive heat, proving itself over the last decade to be one of the best energy efficient options out there.
  1. How often should a roof need to be replaced?
The main reasoning behind replacing a roof is wear and tear over time. As such, there are cases where a roof does not need replacing for over 10 years. However, depending on regular maintenance, weather, and any traffic on the roof, a replacement might be necessary in as little as a few years. In many cases, however, your roof may simply need repairs for problem spots to extend the life of the overall roof. We welcome you to meet with one of our trained Project Managers to inspect the roof with you!
About MY Roof...
  1. I have a flat roof that should not need to be replaced, but needs 'touch ups' or restoration. Is this possible without replacing the roof?
In most cases, yes! If you have a flat roof with problem spots, we have the ability to repair and/or, depending on your situation, even offer a restorative coating to protect the entirety of the roof. Specifically, one main option we offer is from TRUCO, a specialized rubber coating that not only waterproofs, but protects your initial roof from further decay.
  1. What do you do with the debris from my old roof?
Garbage and debris from the jobsite is gathered daily and usually disposed of at the landfill in the area. We take pride in keeping a clean project for your comfort and convenience. If you have any questions about our processes, we welcome you to contact us anytime.
  1. I have air conditioners on my roof! How are these and other items on the roof handled?
Should you have any equipment, such as air conditioners, on your roof we take that into consideration when customizing the project for your needs. In order to guarantee proper roof application, it is most often necessary to move the air conditioner units. On some rare occasions, removing your air conditioner may require use of a crane. Usually, however, we will disconnect and move the air conditioner for you without any further inconvenience. Occasionally, we have requested the owner make arrangements with an air conditioning company to take care of the disconnections and moving, but again this is rarely necessary.
  1. I am ready to sign or have already signed my contract! When will work begin on my roof?
While we would love to have you sign today and start the project tomorrow, this is not always possible due to weather, amount of business, and your own circumstances. For example, if you and your neighbor share a roof and both sign contracts with us, we oftentimes will try to arrange a mutually convenient time for both of you to guarantee a higher quality job. Also, weather is a major influence on our type of business, especially with certain types of roofing materials. Wind, rain, and storms are key factors in our schedules. As some coatings have a water base when applied, we would not wish to coat your roof only to have the rain wash it off while still wet. Similarly, we do not want to tear off your roof and leave it naked to the elements should there be a storm in the forecast! Please remember we take all these things into consideration in order to complete your project in a timely and convenient manner.
  1. My roof is shared with my neighbor's. How will this affect the project?
In most cases this is not a problem whatsoever, nor will it affect the project itself. However, should you and your neighbor both desire to have your roof done with us, we will usually try to arrange a mutually convenient date so that the roof may be done in its entirety at one time to guarantee a higher quality of workmanship.
  1. I have a wood shake roof. What is the best option for my type of roof?
In Las Vegas and across Nevada, shake roofs have been deemed unsafe and are no longer legal to install. Due especially to the excessively dry seasons of the desert, this type of roofing material is a fire hazard. Repairs are possible up to 30% of the original roof, though we do not recommend this. We are happy to remove the old roof and replace it with whatever option is best for your home or business. We welcome you to contact us to meet with one of our trained Project Managers to discuss safer and more cost-effective options that would be best for you.
  1. I have a metal roof. Is it possible to make it more energy efficient?
Most definitely! Of course, each roof is different and we will happily inspect and consider any specific details of your roof to offer the best options. Generally, however, most metal roofs are prime candidates for polyurethane foam and/or even TRUCO coating systems. These will usually lower your energy bills by as much as 35%!
  1. What should I expect when you come to work on my roof?
We make a point to inform you in advance of when we will be            working on your roof. Most often, we will also call the day before or of to remind you that we will be there along with a time frame. Should you have special circumstances regarding a schedule, please let us know in advance.
While on the job, our workers will diligently attend to the project at hand in order to finish in the most efficient time frame possible. Each day they will also clean up the job site for your convenience. Once the project is done, we usually schedule a follow-up appointment with you for a final inspection.
  1. Is there a way to get regular check-ups for my roof?
Certainly! We always welcome you to call us to inspect your roof if you have any questions or concerns, but we also offer special Maintenance Programs that will include a checkup of the roof(s) in question, give you an overview with included information tailored to your preference, and present documentation that you can keep for your reference. The intention of these packages is to keep you informed of the roof of your home or business so that you can make the most educated decisions to protect your investment.
  1. Emergencies: There is a hole in my roof and I need it fixed ASAP! How can you help me?
Emergencies are never a fun experience for a worried home or business owner, and we want to be there to help you and your investment as best possible. In Southern Nevada and the surrounding area, surprise storms and gusting winds make for fallen branches and torn off roofing, leaving your roof vulnerable to even worse issues. Depending on the severity of the problem, such as with a tree branch breaking through the ceiling, we can send out crews to provide an emergency patch so that we can follow-up with a proper repair.

About MAC Roofing Services...
  1. How long has your company been in business?
Our family-owned company has been in business for over 12 years. We have over 100 years of experience in the roofing field among our management alone, and extensive exposure in Southern Nevada and Arizona areas. Our experience further extends to all types of roofing, to offer you further security in your decision of working with us.
  1. Many companies claim to be the best, but how do I know you are the best choice?
While just about anyone can spout they have the most experience and are the best choice with cheapest prices, you usually get what you pay for, just as with other things in life. While we may not be your final choice for your specific project, we encourage you to find confidence in knowing who your contractor is.
Be aware of:
  • Licenses
  • Bonds
  • Insurance (including Workman's Compensation)
  • Years in business
  • Years of real experience
  • Training & Knowledge of the field
  • Safety Standing
  • Previous Satisfied Customers
  1. Why MAC? Where did the name for your company come from?
MAC Roofing Services, as you may have already learned, is a family-owned company. The name as such is derived from the first name initials of the family members!

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